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Welcome to Emily’s Classroom!

I am excited to offer my tutoring services to you and your child.

With the right guidance, all students can feel confident and find success in their math class! 


Ivy League educated and having more than ten years of experience, I am confident I can help you or your child succeed. I have the patience to figure out why a student is struggling and what strategies are best to help them progress. I believe the most important thing I can do is gain the trust of my students. Once students feel confident in their ability to learn, they can start asking the questions necessary to find understanding. 

Math Tutoring Offerings

Grades K-8

Algebra I & II




Standardized Test Prep


I am a graduate of Barnard College of Columbia University and am based in Hoboken, NJ. I can offer virtual sessions to all as well as in-person instruction for those residing in the NYC area.


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Interested in private sessions?

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